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There are some proofs that the village existed in 200 B.C.E and during the Byzantine Era, and it seems that it was abandoned later for unknown period of time. Life was renewed in the 17 century by families that came from nearby villages such as Arabbi, Der Hanna, Sakhnin and MAghar.

The oldest documents that mentioned the name of the village were from the Roman Era and it was with no N letter "EIlabou".

At the beginning of Middle Ages a manuscript taken from the archive of Jewish synagogue in Cairo mentioned the name Eilaboun, and it talked about Jewish priests families that escaped from Jerusalem after the ruin of the second Temple and settled in Villages around the Galilee and the family of "koos" settled down in Eilaboun.

 Owning and reclamation of lands was collective at the early beginnings . in 1892 the lands were finally distributed among the peasants and each one's portion depended on how big his family was.

 In 1948 the population was from Christians who came from the surrounding villages. and rebuilt it after a long period of destruction.

 The two biggest families then were Srour family and zureik family.

 The first catholic church was built in 1879 with the help of the priest Boulus Ashkar and the people of the village.

In 1911 a group of the catholic church split up and joined the orthodox church.

And a new church was built in 1928 for those people

 After the establishment of the state of Israel many refuges came to eilaboun from the village of hittin and all of them were muslims , and this was the beginning of the muslim community in the village.

 The first school room was built with the help of German Catholic priests from church  altabgp in 1899. only 24 boys learned at that room.

In 1905 a new school room was built for the girls. in 1943 during the British mandatory the first official school  was built and it consisted of two rooms which still exist to this day and they are still in use. 

Over population :


Year population
1922 320
1945 530
1948 93
1949 675
1961 1100
2007 4400

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