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Elementary & Junior High school

Galilee Christian High School

The Music centre

The sports domains

The first school room was built with the help of German Catholic priests from church  altabgp in 1899. only 24 boys learned at that room. In 1905 a new school room was built for the girls. in 1943 during the British mandatory the first official school  was built and it consisted of two rooms which still exist to this day and they are still in use. Today there are about 950 students and 67 teachers divided into 31 classes



Opened in 1.9.1966 and it was the only high school in the region then, and it had 50 students.

Today there are about 200 students divided into 8 classes, the school has a high reputation of its scientific level and high rate of success in the Bagrut exams.

The official Website

Established in 1995 and was aimed to serve those seeking to develop their musical skills focusing on the use of oriental as well as western musical instruments. The center is responsible for a musical band which consists of a group of youth local musicians appearing in different ceremonies and occasions.

The village enjoys a very high level in sports in the Arab sector  as well as in the country. There are many kinds of sports which serves the whole community.

Tennis project

The nature club



It is an Arab and Jewish project, 20 pupils from Eilaboun with 20 Jewish pupils from Tiberias train 5 days a week. It is meant to contribute for the co-existence in the country.

It is a project which encourages hiking in mountains and getting to know the area, and strengthening the social boundaries between people , the participants are form all ages, families, retired people, and it takes place every Saturday and Sunday of every week from February to May.

يعتبر فرع كرة السلة ايضا من الفروع الشعبية في القرية ومن اهم انجازاته صعود فريق الاولاد والفتيات كذلك للدرجة الممتازة.

Volleyball is considered one of the most popular sports fields in our village; the volleyball team has achieved many winnings and still does.The volleyball team had gone further in 1984 winning the national golden cup, and meeting the higher league standards in 2006. For more information press here



In addition there are other sports activates which people take part in, like football, gymnastics karate, etc

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